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Compact and lightweight, this USB-rechargeable makeup mirror eliminates the hassle of constantly charging or swapping out batteries while on the go. 
BRIGHTENED TRAVEL-SIZE MIRROR: This compact rechargeable mirror weighs only 261 grams and folds out to a size just slightly larger than an Ipad Mini (5 by 7.5 inches). The Eclipse is your new best travel friend because to its small, lightweight, compact design. 
Folding travel mirror with three different colored lights for applying makeup. The 72 LEDs in this compact mirror allow you to choose between three different lighting options, including white, warm, and cool. Color can be changed from a soft yellow to a bright white with the flip of a switch. 
Using a highly responsive touch button design, this mirror may be used as a make-up application. 
You can turn it on and off with a single tap, and you can adjust the brightness to levels of 100%, 50%, and 10% with a double tap. 
HIGH-DEFINITION PREMIUM TRANSPORTABLE LED MAKEUP MIRRORThe cosmetic mirror is constructed of high-quality ABS and glass material, without any magnification or distortion. The perfect present for your sweetheart.

LED Portable Folding Mirror

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