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ICONSIGN Brand Lashes Eyebrow Dye Tint Kit——- This product accomplishes two things: Curling eyelashes Dyeing: eyelashes, eyebrows. ——- Easy to use, good for DIY, salon, beauty school, etc. ——- Eyelash and eyebrow charmers! Tint Using? First, clean eyelashes and eyebrows. Step 2: Apply skin-protecting Vaseline. Step 3: Place eye pads near to the lower lash line without covering lower lashes. It inhibits discoloration. Step 4: Mix Cream Dye and Creme Oxidant. 1:1 cream dye:cream oxidant for tinting eyelashes. 1:2 cream dye:oxidant for eyebrow tint. Apply tint lotion to bottom lashes first with tint brush. Step 6: When lower lashes are done, tell the customer to close their eyes until application and removal are complete. Step 7: Apply color lotion from base to tip of top lashes. Cover corner lashes. After 15 minutes, gently wipe the residual tint cream from the eye pads using a brush or stick. Eyebrow tinting shouldn't be as severe as eyelash tint, thus only 10 minutes should pass. Cover eyebrow hair, but don't press color into skin. Step 9: Remove eye pads. Use dampened cotton round and cold water to remove product. Hold tissue near eye to absorb extra water. How to Use Lash Lift? Step 1: Use No.4 Cleanser to remove oil, dust, and makeup. Step 2: Place silicone pad on below eyelid. Step 3: Apply eyelash glue and wait 20-35 seconds. Don't overglue the pads or they won't stick. Step 4: Brush eyelashes with Y-shaped brush, then cover with cling film for 10-12 minutes. Step 5: Apply Perm No. 1 and cover for 10 to 12 minutes. Apply Fixative No. 2 on eyelashes. Wait 10 to 12 minutes before fixing eyelashes. Step 7: Remove eyelash glue with Cleaner No. 4. Step 8: Use No. 3 eyelash lotion. Lash lift kit used on Eyelashes, NOT Brow!!! Lash Lift Kit is used to perm lashes. After Step 6 (lash lift kit), use tint to change your lashes' color, then use Nutritional Lotion No. 3 to nourish your eyelashes. Inner packing details: Coffee, brown, black are available.

Lash Lift and Brow Dye Tint Kit

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