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Full Body Post-Surgery Body Suits

✨Create the illusion of larger hips by concentrating fat on the buttocks using a butt lifter. 

✨Miss Moly Is The Name Of This Brand 

✨Arm Slimmer: Applying pressure to the arm makes it appear thinner and less fatty. 

✨Benefit: Reduce belly fat, firm your back, and increase your confidence all at once.



✅Thigh Shaper: Long trouses design help your thighs become more slender and glamorous

✅Give you natural curves by firm tummy control

✅Speed up recovery: It can be worn after postpartum or surgery

✅Sizes: S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL

✅Material: nylon,Spandex,Cotton

✅Material: Polyester,Elastan

✅Invisible: Almost Invisible Under Clothes

✅Function 3: Post-Surgery BodySuit

✅Function 2: Full Body Shaper

✅Full Body Shaper: 360 degrees of firm control,trimming waist,tummy and hips







Full Body Post-Surgery BodySuit

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